Alaskan coming to wacken!

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21 Jan. 2017
Palmer, Alaska
This will be my first trip to wacken and my first time in germany. Im taking the trip alone and it would be awesome to make some friends before I get to wacken!

My name is francis, I live in the frozen north, i love:metal, beer and adventures.

Lets party!


Der Beste
19 Juli 2004
Best, Nederland. Jetzt Belgien
If you want to know more people here, you might want to check the Wacken Hot Tub (General chat)! We're almost always acctive there (though it tends to be rather slowly lately)
And do keep in mind, the forum will MOVE as from tomorrow midnight (1-23, 12:00am CET, 1-22, 2pm AT), and this will probably take about 12(!) hours!

And... W\HELL/come to the forum!


W:O:A Metalmaster
28 Okt. 2014
Staffordshire, England
I watched the film Snow Dogs with Cuba Gooding and James Coburn. It's about a hot shot dentist who travels to Alaska and he finds his dad, who is a grizzled husky driver. Cool film bros