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  1. YuriHassle

    Wacken 2022 Solo Travelers Group

    Hello Wacken travelers 🤘 We have a whatsapp group to gather the best multicontinental camping site ⛺ and have many beers together 🍻 Feel free to join us :) You can use the link or send me an email:
  2. YuriHassle

    Wacken 2020 Solo Travelers Group

    Hello everyone! I'm Yuri Araujo, from Brazil. I'm going to Wacken 2020 with my friend (who lives in Portugal) and it would be awesome if we find metalheads from all around the world to camp with and to share a beer and infos about the festival. We did it at Hellfest 2019, with people from four...
  3. Karasaph

    Bands-Freunde liste (google sheets)

    Morgeen, Hast du schon deine Bands, die du anschauen möchtest, vorgemerkt mit der App? Hast du es schon mit deinen Freunden geteilt? Findest du es auch schwer sich mit deinen Freunden zu koordinieren? Dann gibt es eine Lösung unter diesem Link (google sheets)...
  4. D

    Accommmodation and hanging out

    Hello everyone, I am looking for accommodation during the festival (myself, 1 person, F, 34). I am not picky and would anyway like to hang out with new people :) Cheers!
  5. AlaskaMetalTraveler

    Alaskan coming to wacken!

    This will be my first trip to wacken and my first time in germany. Im taking the trip alone and it would be awesome to make some friends before I get to wacken! My name is francis, I live in the frozen north, i love:metal, beer and adventures. Lets party!
  6. C

    First time going to Wacken, looking to make friends...

    HAILS EVERYONE! my name is Edward, i come from the vast land known as California and im hoping to attend this year's Wacken, its been a long await for me! Well i will be going solo, and im a bit nervous, especially since it would be my firsttime traveling to europe. what im asking is for...
  7. I

    Lonely Wackeners

    Anyone going to Wacken alone this year ? I'm not sure yet, but I might be there alone,so if any of you will be there alone as well we could probably meet.Wacken by yourself is not much fun! CHEERS!