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  1. Exodus66

    Eure Lieblings Band?

    Mich würde interessieren welche Bands ihr denn so gerne hört?
  2. H

    Price Of Food And Beer?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of going to Wacken this year, but I'm on a really tight budget. Can you tell me how much a beer and a meal costs? I s there no one-day pass for Wacken? Lastly, do you think I should buy it from the festival online or it is cheaper at the festival itself? Thanks in...
  3. PipeCL

    Drinking rules in W.O.A. 2018

    Hello, First time I will go to W.O.A. and I have some doubts about it: - Can I enter alcohol at the venue? Bottles or cans? - Are there shops in the neighborhood where to buy alcohol? - How much does a can or glass of beer cost in W.O.A? Etc ... whatever you can contribute in this regard is...
  4. Goatrick

    Another brand new Camp for 2017 - Noch ein neues Camp für 2017

    *German version below* Title says it all: 2 weeks till Wacken and I want to build up a camp! Since everybody abandoned me, too, I would be happy to find some people, to have an awesome camp nevertheless. There are similar threads to this one, which got huge response, but all the camps are...
  5. N

    Crushed ice

    Hi metalheads does anyone know if there will be crushed ice sold in the mini markets in the camping are this year? This is FUNDAMENTAL to keep BEER ice cold for all those that have no electricity!! Cheers
  6. AlaskaMetalTraveler

    Alaskan coming to wacken!

    This will be my first trip to wacken and my first time in germany. Im taking the trip alone and it would be awesome to make some friends before I get to wacken! My name is francis, I live in the frozen north, i love:metal, beer and adventures. Lets party!
  7. B

    Beer trading

    Fellow Wacken addicts, This year we're coming over to Wacken Open Air and we would like to set up some beer trading, basically to trade some Belgian beer with quality beer from all over the world. Since we are organizing a beer festival (takes place 2 weeks after Wacken !), we would be...
  8. B

    backstage area party

    megaparty immer in wacken backstage area - -hauptstrasse no.72 :D
  9. D

    Wacken Anthem 2012

    Hey people. Hope everyone is looking forward to Wacken 2012. I know I sure as hell am. In honour of our very favourtie festival, Aceldama have written and recorded their own Wacken anthem - Metal and Beer! We'll be sending it over to the good guys and gals at Wacken for considertaion and we'd...
  10. 808Metal

    150K Before WOA 2010

    OK I'm starting this thread less than 24 hours before the end of WOA 2009. Though we did not reach the 250K that the last thread challenged us to attempt, 150K before WOA 2010 should not be a problem for us. So let's get this bastard started and spam like Hell!
  11. agresionpower

    WOA pub #1 all spammers have a beer

    now this is how it works... everytime we have 1000 post we make a new pub with a new title... and in the mean time you can spam about anything you like :p
  12. gnoff


    What beer are you currently drinking, or what was the last one you had? Currently I am drinking: Nils Oscar Imperial Stout 7.0% (vol) from a Swedish microbrewery