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  1. LeperHero

    Travel from UK

    Hello all, Seasoned festival goer here, mainly UK festivals though (Download for the most part) Looking to expand my horizons a touch - and Wacken just has me by the balls! So - question: Is anyone travelling from the UK, and further to that - have you used the travel partner Argon Events...
  2. O

    Hamburg to Wacken Daily (?)

    So I am travelling with a friend who is insisting on staying in Hamburg. He doesn't want to camp on the grounds because he is worried about the safety and things sleeping back at the hotel will be more comfortable and worry free. I have kept another option in mind for my self, but in case I go...
  3. O

    Possible to travel from Hamburg to Wacken DAILY?

    Hi there, We am planning to stay in Hamburg. A group of friends travelling in from all over the globe. Are there any daily train services from Itzehoe to Hamburg after midnight? Cheers!
  4. Goatrick

    Another brand new Camp for 2017 - Noch ein neues Camp für 2017

    *German version below* Title says it all: 2 weeks till Wacken and I want to build up a camp! Since everybody abandoned me, too, I would be happy to find some people, to have an awesome camp nevertheless. There are similar threads to this one, which got huge response, but all the camps are...
  5. AlaskaMetalTraveler

    Alaskan coming to wacken!

    This will be my first trip to wacken and my first time in germany. Im taking the trip alone and it would be awesome to make some friends before I get to wacken! My name is francis, I live in the frozen north, i love:metal, beer and adventures. Lets party!
  6. B

    Accommodation for W:O:A 2015

    Hello, I am from Australia and I am going to W:O:A 2015. I'm looking for somewhere to stay (all the places I've looked at are booked out). Can anyone help me out? Babylonne