Stupid shit!

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gee jay

W:O:A Metalmaster
11 März 2008
White Plains, New York
A man smeared bodily fluid in his mother's face after she threatened to report him for stealing her stereo, authorities said yesterday.

Brandon Overton, 20, approached his mother, 40, in their Nostrand Avenue apartment near Beverly Road in Flatbush at 9 a.m. on Sept. 30, sources said.

He told her he was bringing her stereo to a repair shop but wound up stealing it, cops said.

When his mother confronted him on Oct. 5, Overton allegedly grew belligerent smeared the fluid in her face and fled.

He surrendered to cops yesterday and was charged with petit larceny and attempted assault.


W:O:A Metalhead
3 Aug. 2002
Baltimore,Maryland USA
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I put this under stupid shit because it is.

I went to see Overkill in VA last night.I usually stay at my best friend's house(she lives near the place) after the show.I went there 1st & found out that her & her bf are broke & can't go with me(she usually goes & he takes care of their 3 yr old daughter).He borrowed money from a friend.I drove him & his friend to the ATM to take the money out for the show.Those 2 were fighting on his 2-way cell.I argued with her on a another cell.I got 3 text on how our friendship is over (we've been friends for 20 years).The boyfriend has been to maybe 6 shows in the past 6 years to where she goes to 2 or 3 shows a month.The last text I got is that my stuff is on the porch.We went to the show.Had a great time(he even patched things up with a rival for his gf).I dropped him off at their place & went straight home(about an hour drive plus the drive from the club).I love them both like family & I'm caught between this shit.

Bottom line,she's threw a tantrum because she couldn't go & he did.What can I do?I don't wanna see a 20 yr friendship go out the window.