Stupid shit!

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W:O:A Metalmaster
9 Juli 2002
Mölndal, Sweden
And I thought, the Teacher from my daughter is a little bit ....
He don´t allows the boys to wear pink Shirts ( Yes it looks gay ! )
But a girls with pink hair are here at schools so normal, with 14, 15 years every class got one or two of them. And nothing happends. Maybe the next one says, okay, two of them are enough, i color my hair babyblue.

Pink shirts rule!

Though I don't wear it to work, only for metal festivals :p

Lord Soth

I believe if you do something to a child,you should have that child taken away & be "fixed" to never have kids again.

I was just being sarcastic.... those people should be glad they don't live in the middle ages... they might easily have died in childbed or ended up being killed by authorities or neighbours for doing that crime...

makes me sick....

This one is brillant on how the creators of Battlestar Galactica got by the FCC.

Hell yeah! Frak off! :D

Due to the fact that this is not available in English, and not much of you understand French/Dutch:

Stupid! Hehehe.... :p