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  1. LeperHero

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    18. Oktober 2018
    Hello all,

    Seasoned festival goer here, mainly UK festivals though (Download for the most part)
    Looking to expand my horizons a touch - and Wacken just has me by the balls!

    So - question: Is anyone travelling from the UK, and further to that - have you used the travel partner Argon Events?

    It would seem as all the tickets are sold out - this is now my only option!

    If anyone is travelling with them, maybe you would like a fellow metal face to join? Then I'm your man!
  2. azreal69

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    10. Dezember 2018
    Im coming solo from the UK.

    I used Argon in 2017, They are fine as long as you don't mind a bum numbing long bus ride.
    I will likely be flying as i'm doing some other stuff in Europe prior to Wacken. I am totally looking to meet up with some other uk people to camp with. I camped with some from Argon in 2017 and would happily meet up with you all there. PM me.

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