Ticket deposit in WOA-Info Office refund?

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    08. Juli 2020
    Hey is anybody else having problems because their ticket was a "ticket deposit in WOA-Info Office" delivery mode? I never got my tickets but instead the Wacken organizers offered to hold them in the Info office so that I could eventually collect them there, but now they are not answering my questions on how to actually get a refund! And of course they don't accept the letters they send me to pick up my tickets in their refund page.

    I'm kind of desperate here because I haven't heard anything from Wacken organizers after sending Emails and FB messages
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    Send a private message to @Wacken-Jasper and maybe he can give you a decent answer.

    But... a REFUND (meaning ca$h €€€'s) can take a while!!! Corona has thrown everything upside down!

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