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20 Aug. 2008
coz everything after the black album sucked, perhaps?

damn its time for some bands wacken orgas...

I'm still a pretty big fan even if my enthusiasm for them doesn't match the last few albums they've put out. They've gotten a lot of leeway from me. I'd be fine with them headlining a night though. Still a good live show. I'm hardly expecting anything like a return to twenty year old form from them and the new record but as long as it's better than the last three I'm in.
As stated above, better them than half the shite out there right now. At least they've got some good albums...
Ideally, I'd love to see Mastodon, Slough Feg, Arch Enemy, Testament, Primordial(yeah I know they just played but 11.00am?! C'mon the fuck. Main stage slot!), Nevermore, DOWN...


W:O:A Metalhead
26 Juli 2006
As much as it pains me.. it might be metallica eughh New album says it... Ac/Dc well they are rumoured to play every european festival every year!!

Personally i'd like to see the best bands of each genre or a wacken best of lineup!


12 Sep. 2008
Hoping for Manowar this year - seeing as it's the 20th anniversary, who better to lead it? It seems plausible too, hell of a lot of people seem to want them.

Not a cat in hells chance for Manowar, they're far too egotistical to play at Wacken, instead they opt to play their own little wankfest every year, probably out of fear of being upstaged.
13 Okt. 2007
Boston Area, Massachusetts
If that outside crowd exists out of Iron Maiden fans it's fine. It's that bullet for my valentine/my chemical romance/etc.. that can really cause problems.
But with a huge name like AC/DC or Metallica, you'll have a good portion of the crowd there to see one band with nothing else to do for 3 days except blow shit up and make videos of themselves smashing tents to put on youtube. Just seems to me like it would be better to have a smaller name like Saxon, Kreator, or even Judas Priest than to deal with a huge crowd of outsiders who wouldn't be there otherwise. Not to mention it's downright disrespectful to the other smaller bands when you have a percentage of the crowd there for only one act. How can Wacken continue getting a bunch of great bands if they get a name for themselves as a festival where you're ignored by half the crowd if you're not a headlining band? Maybe I'm wrong, that's just my take on signing huge bands.