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Der Beste
19 Juli 2004
Best, Nederland. Jetzt Belgien
Time to dig out an old thread.

Mood: Mwa.

Weather: Warm, but everything I do not like. Rain and shine. Now it's dark.

Music: Urbanus, D'r botst 'n hottentot op onzen otto godomme. :D

Currently favourite album: Deicide - Deicide

Latest webside:, Hellfest Forum

TV: Jinek on the background.

Latest DVD: Pfff! Amon Amarth?

Latest film you saw at the movies: I do not go to movies. So...

Current book: No.

Food: I had chips / crisps (depending on which English you use)

Drink: Cola

Activity: Ja... preparing for Lëtzebuerg tomorrow.

Clothes: EMM hoodie, EMM shirt, jeans (black), TB cap.

Thoughts: Memory lane :) .

Greetings to: No one. I'm selfish today. :ugly:

Question of the day: No.

Word of the day: No.

Conclusion of the day: I'm glad it's over.


W:O:A Metalmaster
23 Juli 2013
Hellsinki, Finland
Mood: bored

Weather: shitty probably

Music: not listening to anything rn

Currently favourite album: dont really have one

Latest webside: facebook

TV: skins

Latest DVD: harry potter :p

Current book: harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban

Food: nothing right now

Drink: ^

Activity: laying on couch

Clothes: black

Thoughts: tomorrow's workday

Greetings to: to anyone :p

Question of the day: idk

Word of the day: computer

Conclusion of the day: im bored


W:O:A Metalmaster
28 Okt. 2014
Staffordshire, England
Oh all right, let try this :D


Weather: Mild by day, Hades by night

Music: Heavy metal and Power metal

Currently favourite album: Best album of all time is 'Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath'. Best current album. Hmmm, Running Wild?

Latest website: Just the news really

TV: I like 'Time Team', which is a UK archaeological programme.

Latest DVD: Wacken 2015 DVD as Christmas present.

Latest film you saw at the movies: Star Wars: Rogue One

Current book: I dip into Discourses of Epictetus. He says "to sleep on the floor is the warmest couch"

Food: Cornish pasty and Doritos. Crumpets

Drink: Water

Activity: Just trying to earn enough to pay the mortgage. Growing my hair

Clothes: Whatever

Thoughts: Is a giant meteor about to smack into the Earth?

Greetings to: I'd like thank my sponsors. Oh yeah, I use Paiste cymbals, and all that good stuff.

Question of the day: How do hedgehogs have sex? I say this because they covered in spikes.

Word of the day: Concomitant

Conclusion of the day: A better than average day.


W:O:A Metalmaster
23 Juli 2013
Hellsinki, Finland
Mood: Pretty good actually

Weather: Rainy

Music: Nothing right now

Currently favourite album: I've been listening lot of Trivium so let's say Shogun

Latest webside: Besides this,

TV: Ummm some finnish reality show about firefighters

Latest DVD: Wacken 2014

Current book: Harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, haven't read it in a while tho

Food: Latest was rice and chicken

Drink: Latest was water

Activity: Watching an overwatch tournament or whatever

Clothes: Black, Amon Amarth top

Thoughts: Wacken :D

Greetings to: To anyone :p

Question of the day: -

Word of the day: -

Conclusion of the day: This is an okay day :p