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W:O:A Metalgod
19 März 2007
Here's a nice idea I stole from the german board ;) Just copy it and fill your own answers. I would also not doubt adds of questions :)

Mood: somehow hyper

Weather: too dark to see

Music: Farin Urlaub

Currently favourite album: Heidevolk stuff I lately got

Latest webside: youtube to upload this

TV: nothing

Latest DVD: no DVD player

Current book: Faust I

Food: Liquorice

Drink: Carameltea

Activity: tidying up

Clothes: bright :eek:

Thoughts: Still dunno what he died of :(

Greetings to: Ernesto (who wasn't in yesterday :( ) Miss you!
And of course my two sweethearts who I see on 11 days :)

Question of the day: When do I start my school stuff..?

Word of the day: "göttlich" (something like awesome)

Conclusion of the day: You can actually talk to Mümmel :eek:


Der Beste
19 Juli 2004
Best, Nederland. Jetzt Belgien
My version.
Mood: Confused.

Weather: Shit. Sunny & rain today, now dark

Music: Nothing (for the moment)

Current favourite album: Rammstein

Latest webside:

TV: nothing

Latest DVD: Völkerball (Rammstein)

Current book: I wait for the next Baantjer.

Food: none (pizza, home made)

Drink: JUPILER!!! :p

Activity: Filling this thing. (and talking to one of my fans)

Clothes: Forum Camp shirt (05)

Thoughts: None.

Greetings to: Won't mention here, she'll know (oui, toi, quand tu lis ça ;))
My biggest and sweetest fan! ;)

Question of the day: Will I have a quiet week this coming week?

Word of the day: Damn!

Conclusion of the day: I can't miss this forum, and its people on it!

gee jay

W:O:A Metalmaster
11 März 2008
White Plains, New York


Here's a nice idea I stole from the german board Just copy it and fill your own answers. I would also not doubt adds of questions

Mood: kind of mellow

Weather: sunny and warm with a light breeze

Music: The Clash-black market clash

Currently favourite album: Goatwhore - A haunting curse

Latest webside: this one.

TV: nothing

Latest DVD: Omen Collection(1-4 plus the re make )

Current book: Dune

Food: CHICKEN !!!

Drink: Unsweeted Iced Tea

Activity: none at the moment , unless drinking beer counts.

Clothes: Jeans & T- shirt

Thoughts: Should I get of the computer and do something productive ?

Greetings to: Whoever reads this.

Question of the day: Why are so many stupid people around when I go out on the weekend ?

Word of the day: uncoffin(to remove from or as if from a coffin) picked at random from dictionary, I swear !!

Conclusion of the day: Sleep, start again tomorrow.


W:O:A Metalmaster
9 Juli 2002
Mölndal, Sweden
Mood: Mostly tired

Weather: Dark and calm

Music: None now

Currently favourite album: Amon Amarth - whatever

Latest webside:

TV: Don't watch much

Latest DVD: Hellraiser 3

Current book: Different beer books

Food: Grilled meat and potatoes

Drink: Black tea (Earl Grey)

Activity: On my way to bed

Clothes: Dark, Amon Amarth T-shirt

Thoughts: Hope to do well tomorrow

Greetings to: Not sure

Question of the day: Will I be fit for work Monday?

Word of the day: Flesh

Conclusion of the day: It was very warm outside


W:O:A Metalhead
10 Mai 2007
Monterrey, Nuevo León, México
Mood: tired but wanting to do something

Weather: Sunny

Music: Raging Winter-Satanic Warmaster

Currently favourite album: I have a lot of favorite albums

Latest webside:

TV: Haven't watched it.

Latest DVD: None.

Current book: None.

Food: Burrito Campechano.

Drink: Water and Indio beer.

Activity: Getting ready for work.

Clothes: Black shirt, black denim jeans, rider boots.

Thoughts: Boobies!

Greetings to: nobody.

Question of the day: Is there any possibility?

Word of the day: Anus.

Conclusion of the day: Yesterday it was a cool day, today it is not.


W:O:A Metalgod
29 Dez. 2007
Mood: bored, slightly hyper, slightly tired

Weather: sunny and warm [finally!]

Music: enemy of the sun: lives based on conflicts

Currently favourite album: a lot

Latest webside: this one, myspace

TV: nothing

Latest DVD: no clue, too long ago

Current book: nothing, i need a new one...

Food: crackers! :D

Drink: nothing

Activity: this, listening to music

Clothes: children of bodom shirt, black jeans

Thoughts: wheeeeee!!

Greetings to: no one, i guess

Question of the day: snare or pit?

Word of the day: none

Conclusion of the day: i have a lot of decisions to make.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


W:O:A Metalgod
19 März 2007
Mood: zest for action

Weather: pretty nice. Some cool, but still some sunny

Music: none :eek: (I wonder why)

Currently favourite album: different ones

Latest webside: leo to look for "zest for action"

TV: zapping

Latest DVD: still no player

Current book: still Faust

Food: an apple

Drink: vanilla tea

Activity: waiting for the water to boil for a shower

Clothes: sweaty sports clothes

Thoughts: still way too much school stuff to do

Greetings to: my better half (hope you have fun at the brewery :-*)

Question of the day: Will I every manage to get all my dirty clothes washed?

Word of the day: stuff

Conclusion of the day: Think it's too early for a conclusion


W:O:A Metalgod
23 Apr. 2002
Mood: too lazy

Weather: sunny, draughty, 13 °C

Music: nope

Currently favourite album: In Flames - A sense of purpose (still can't get enough of it :))

Latest webside: google

TV: no TV in this room

Latest DVD: Gilmore Girls 7x12

Current book: Henning Mankell - Italienska Skor

Food: had Noddles with köttbullar

Drink: water

Activity: nothing though I know I should do sth... :o

Clothes: pajama pants :D old Iron Maiden pullover

Thoughts: I'm so lazy, that sucks...

Greetings to: ehm...

Question of the day: Today or tomorrow?

Word of the day: Sonnenbrand

Conclusion of the day: Being lazy and doing nothing doesn't make me happy


Der Beste
19 Juli 2004
Best, Nederland. Jetzt Belgien
Mood: Exited

Weather: sunny, 15 °C

Music: Rammstein, a bunch of songs.

Currently favourite album: Still Rammstein

Latest webside: this site, and its forum.

TV: non. TV sucks :(

Latest DVD: the very same.

Current book: still waiting.

Food: Pizza BBQ medium @pizza hut

Drink: PALM/Jupiler

Activity: Visiting the PALM brewery

Clothes: The same as yesterday

Thoughts: What will I do?

Greetings to: Meine Hälfte, she misses me! ;)

Question of the day: None.

Word of the day: PALM

Conclusion of the day: Why does my back hurts?