New band confirmed: Coheed and Cambria

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W:O:A Metalhead
6 März 2009
Are you serious? The line up looks damn good, I'm wishing I was going now.
I really like Coheed, but they shouldn't be at Wacken at all.
As for the bands you've listed, like MetalViking said, bar Maiden, those are the kinds of bands who SHOULDN'T be there (yet somehow get slots anyway).
If you want your shitty skinny jeans core music, fuck off to Download or Reading/Leeds.

seconded...thirded and fourthed!

but this forums full of fools!

Hail & Grill

W:O:A Metalmaster
4 Aug. 2008
Metallien/Provinz Power
if the lyrics were understable (ie, not in german) I'd be glad to read them ;)

It´s about totally hating someone, the most important part of the lyrics:

"Meine Konsequenz,
Ich würde nichtmal auf dich pissen wenn du brennst"

"My consequence,
I wouldn´t even piss on you if you burn"

Well, it would be wrong to say that I hate you. But this melody starts often to play in my head when I read your posts. :D