New band confirmed: Coheed and Cambria

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21 Sep. 2008
He sounds like a fucking ten year old (...)
I want some METAL at wacken, METAL FESTIVAL!

^ I'm with him. He does sound like a ten year old and I don't like it one bit. When I'm at a metal festival, I want to hear men sing (preferably grunt) like men, not like little girls for fuck's sake. And most of all, when I'm at a metal festival, strangely enough, I would actually like to hear metal!

So thumbs up, Wacken. :o


W:O:A Metalhead
25 März 2009
Well another big headliner... waouh too much headliners... :o

seriously I globally agree with what is said here : it may be nice to listen to, but I awould have appreciated it more if the rest of the line-up had been killer... which is not the case.

so now, I only think they steal a slot to some famous DM/BM band (that we won't have :( )


23 Apr. 2008
Good band but not for me, still waiting for Thrash/Death bands (big names)

Pls add Lamb of God (They will play in Copenhagen on 27 July)


21 Mai 2009
Wacken, what the fuck are you guys doing?
I really need some good bands. These bands are all from germany and they don't say anything to me. I mean, it's the 20th anniversery of Wacken! celibrate it with good bands like Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, or bands like bury your dead! or Sylosis, all great bands!

But this is shit.. last year had awsome names! Please I need some great bands Wacken, seriously. I'm hoping for a great headliner like Iron Maiden last year. And not any more bands wich have played wacken in 1991 or something, those bands are shit for me.