Looking for Margareta

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22 Sep. 2006

this is Chris from Germany.
I am looking for Margareta from Sweden (I guess 20-25 years old, black hair, wearing a black Dimmu Borgier girly shirt and a short black skirt. I don't think that I have to mention the black boots :) ).
We met as we both watched Cildren Of Bodom on Friday. She didn't find her people anymore so she stayed with me to watch the Show. After the Show we talked a little bit and drank some water in the beer garden.
Then she went to look for her people on the camping ground. The problem is, that I was to stupid to ask if I could help her or come with her.

Although she gave me the tip to watch At The Gates on Saturday I didn't meet her there :( It was simply to crowded to find a special single person.

Margareta, if you read this...I would be glad if we could stay in contact. So please write me a personal message in this forum.