HEAVEN & HELL - Live at W:O:A 2009!!!

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W:O:A Metalhead
29 Okt. 2008
where has Saxon confirmed itself??
It would be great to see them^^

I think bands like BFMV, Callejon and Lacuna Coil have the right to exist on a Metal Festival like Wacken, who wants to have a mix of all Metalsubgenre and Genre who stands near to Metal, but I think up to now (!) we have to much of them in the lineup, while ExtremeMetal Bands are still missing.

(sry for school english)
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W:O:A Metalhead
16 Nov. 2008
Peterborough, England
Biff has announced a "Riff" competition on the Saxon website offering 2 free festival ticketsfor a festival that Saxon are playing. One of thefestivals he mentions is Wacken. There is also a comment from one of te Mods on the Saxon forum which responds to a question about Wacken which says "I don't know where you got this from but it is looking very promising :D".



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W:O:A Metalhead
6 März 2009
I mean Bullet For My Valentine, Callejon,, Lacuna Coil and those shitty bands that doesnt belong on a metal festival.

Nashville Pussy would be a great booking. Like you said: They were great last year :)

I have seen Nashville Pussy live a few times in UK and loved them I thought they where terrible at Wacken though, I was embarrased for the singer too Blaine, if he'd have said "steamhammer spv i wanna have your babies!" or something one more time I'd have walked off... infact i think i did!!!!

He was verbally sucking up to the record label so much it was embarrasing, I dont give a damn what label a bands on, just play your songs and get off the stage! Unless you have something interesting / funny to say... ie; Napalm Death in 2007 "Nazi punks fuck off" speech.

Or the drunken talk we al know Rob Flynn of Machine Head will give us! :p