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    I am making plans to come to the festival from the US and I have some questions
    I hope someone can answer:

    1)The campsite opens Tuesday. Is it possible to arrive Thursday and still set up a tent?

    2) What can you bring inside the concert? Plastic bottles? Cardboard drink boxes (I think they are called tetra-paks?)

    3)What is the nearest airport?

    Thank you for your help. I am sorry that my deutsche is not up to par, but I have a month to learn some phrases =-)


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    1) i think there should be enough free places to set up tents, also on thursday

    2) this differs in the camping area and concert area.. camping is everything allowed, concert.. uhm.. i never read this answers but i think it was no bottles, no tetra paks

    3) uhm, just austrian here, but i guess that Hamburg must be the neareast airport

    oh and the most important phrases:
    Ein Bier bitte
    (one beer please)

    (wanna @!#$?)

    hm yeah thats it

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    From where in the US do you come from? Cause your name sounds quite spanish!
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    see button RUNNING ORDER
    your are welcome!!
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    Hey Carlos!

    Where in the US do you live?? Just wondering because I have a friend in NYC who will come visit me and go to Wacken too...

    Let The Metal Flow

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    me too :)))

    im coming from ST Louis.. but we arriving at wacken on wednesday


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