1 Wacken ticket including Argon coach trip from LONDON

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11 Juli 2008
I bought this ticket a while ago but I am now unlikely to be able to make it so I need to find someone to sell it to. I will contact Argon to rearrange the details for you and everything you need will be sent from them straight to you. The ticket is for 4 nights camping, leaving London on Tuesday 29th July and returning on Monday 4th August.

I am asking for £200 for the ticket, i bought it for £250, considering tickets are sold out and some individual tickets are selling for about this much without travel included, it's a great price! Reasonable, nearby offers will be considered too dependant on interest.

If you are interested in this, please send me your name, email and home address and I will arrange the rest from there. If you want proof of this, i have emails from Argon which I will happily forward to you. My email address is: wicked_world90@yahoo.co.uk

Please let me know asap since it is getting late and Argon will be sending out confirmation emails next week, i will forward this to you if I haven't been able to rearrange the details before then but obviously it will be easier for everyone if it's sorted first.

Thanks for anyone who is intersted, i look forward to hearing from you.

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