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  1. A

    Wacken 2018 3 Day All In ticket - €160 Shipping included!

    Hello everyone. Selling All-IN 3 days tickets for WACKEN 2018 for 160 euros I´ll pay for shipping Please let me know if you have interest/questions Thank you! Nader
  2. dafrog

    ***Already Sold*** - 2x X-MAS WOA 3-days All in Ticket

    Hi Metalheads, due to time constraints I have to sell my WOA 2018 X-MAS Tickets and hope to find someone who is able to enjoy it. -Shipping via postal-service (insured/certified mail) -or pickup in Erding/near Munich -Payment via PayPal or banktransfer Price: 180€/Ticket o.n.o -->> 360€ :)...
  3. T

    3-Day-Pass for Sale (WOA 2018) & XXl Shirt

    My Vaccation got canceld so i cant come. 180€ Shipping from Germany included. Interested? Contact me @
  4. R

    3-day Pass Wacken ticket for sale 200€

    I couldnt go to wacken this year so i have to sell my 3 day pass. For 200. Anyone interested?
  5. S

    2 x 3 day "all in" 2018 tickets for sale, discounted! €180 euros each

    Originally a wedding present but selling 2 tickets due to change in circumstances of the recipients. Need to sell them quickly so am willing to take €180 per ticket/€360 for both. I live in Norway but will ship anywhere registered and insured and will pay shipping costs. contact me here in the...
  6. E


    Hello, I have a spare Wacken Ticket for sale. I am based in London, so best to meet up here, but also happy to post the ticket. Selling for £170 If interested please text me on 07547872164
  7. M


    Moin Leute, habe gestern erfahren, dass ich leider nicht zum W:O:A 2018 anwesend sein kann. Deswegen muss ich mich von meinem Ticket trennen. Jeder, der Interesse hätte, meldet sich bitte (Preis lässt sich verhandeln). Der Versand erfolgt selbstverständlich versichert. LG - Max
  8. M

    1 "3 DAYS ALL IN" TICKET FOR SALE (200€)

    Unfortunately can't go to Wacken 2018 (but already bought a ticket). Please contact me if interested. Kind regards - Max
  9. E

    Verkaufe 1x WOA Ticket all in 220EUR VB #Sale

    Leider hat ein Kollege abgesagt und wir haben noch ein Ticken über. Das Ticket hat 220EUR gekostet.
  10. C

    FOR SALE: 1x 3-day-all-in ticket in NL or Berlin

    *Dutch below* ****English***** Dear W:O:A fans, Unfortunately, I have one spare ticket, for 200€. (or make a reasonable offer) It's a 3-Day-All-In Ticket (original price was 220€). We can meet somewhere in the Netherlands (e.g. Utrecht, Arnhem, Wageningen, Nijmegen, Leeuwarden, Groningen ...
  11. cannstein

    SOLD_Thanks!-3-day All in Ticket for Sale

    My summer plans have changed so i had to sell my Wacken'17 ticket (just as i did for Hellfest'17 earlier this year, sadly) It's in perfect condition, 3-Days 'All In', i can make the shipment on the same day, to the worldwide. 160 EUR only ! , invoice form Metalix is included of course...
  12. I

    1 WOA 2017 ticket for sale: 150Euro (Free shipping from Belgium) SOLD

    I'm selling 1 ticket to Wacken Open Air 2017. My brother sadly can't make the trip. I would like to get 150 Euros for it. I can ship to all of Europe. If you're interested, please message me. Greetings, Ine
  13. Z

    2 3-day all-in tickets for sale

    Hi, Me and my friend won't be able to make it to the festival so we are seeling our tickets. 2 3-day all-in tickets. Price: €220 (£180) each with free postage. Location: London, UK but will ship anywhere. If you are interested you can contact me here, PM or via email on
  14. B

    Wacken 2017 - 2x All In-Ticket, 1x X-MAS Ticket

    Hi all! Sadly, I won't be able to attend Wacken 2017 because of university. Therefore I am looking for a new home for my tickets! I am selling 2 All-In-Tickets at 210€ and 1 X-MAS Ticket at 200€ (without the shirt, though). I would be happy to sell single tickets as well and I am living in...
  15. B

    Selling Ticket WACKEN 2017 1 Ticket for 3 days

    i am Unable to make waken so dose any one want to buy my ticket for £ 200 + postage. Cost depends on your location on the planet.
  16. S

    Selling 2x 3day all in tickets (NL only)

    I am curently selling 2 3day all in tickets for Wacken 2017. I was gonna go with my fiancé, but we broke up at the start of the year. Also, i've had friend invite me to join a different festival instead which i'd love to visit again. €200 per ticket, €400 for both. Secure shipping or pick up...
  17. 0

    Full Wacken ticket to sell (Berlin)

    Hey metalheadz, Unfortunately I can't attend this year, so I'm happy to offer for sale my ALL IN Wacken ticket for 180 EUR. \m/ Contact me on if interested, PayPal, cash anything works. I can send you via DHL Express or pick it up in person in Berlin. Rock on, 0rs
  18. N

    2 Wacken Tickets for sale

    I have two extra tickets I am willing to sell for less than original price. PM me if interested, but only serious (and reasonable) offers will be considered. I will be in Berlin from 22.7 to 1.8, and in Wacken after that, so they may be arranged to be picked up at either place. Brian
  19. M

    1 ticket for sale - CHEAP!

    Selling 1 ticket in London for £125 cash or next best offer (150€ equivalent). I'm a short on time over the next few weeks so I won't be able to travel far from central London but let me know and we might be able to work something out.
  20. M

    One "3-Days ALL IN ticket for sale at original price (Pune, INDIA)

    Having to sell my 3-Days "ALL IN" ticket for WOA this year as I am not able to travel right now. Willing to sell at original price + shipping. I am writing from Pune, India.