Ython [heavy metal] - looking for gigs and fans

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    Hi Wacken,

    Ython is a Belgian heavy metal band and at some point in our future, we want to play at Wacken Open Air. You can help us with something as simple as getting our name out: check out our music (for free!) and help spread the word!

    We released our first full-length, Titanomachy, in September 2015 and got great reviews (list and scores). It features some great and varied heavy metal tracks with stunning vocals, and deals among others with tales from Greek mythology.

    Our album on BandCamp - free streaming!

    Our Facebook page.

    Heavy cheers!

    Ython - Titanomachy
    1. Kronos and Zeus
    2. Black Shield Nymph
    3. Bit by the Iron Snake
    4. Prometheus' Gift
    5. Frenzy
    6. Complex
    7. Enduring Atlas
    8. Cthulhu Fhtagn


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