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    Well, dear people, it's that time of year again.
    There will also be a Forum Camp this year, and I (= Black Wizzard) will try again to organise this event. The registration conditions have not changed (yet).
    And this is how it will work. Read on and let's go.

    How do I register?
    Just copy the application part below, paste it into a mail and replace the zeros by the amount you need. Where names are asked, enter the names please.
    Those that didn't give a name, will not be registered by me.
    Deadline is on the 31-05-2011 (31 MAY 2011)!!!!!!The number of friends (meaning people who are not on the forum, but still want to profit from it, in a clean camp with clever people, who are known to all by name) is limited! The Camp (Yes, we camp-Das Wackenforum/The Wacken Forum) is originally meant for Forum members and their friends.

    It is only possible to enter the festival with a VALID entry ticket. Without valid ticket, no registration.

    The arrival cannot take place before Wednesday 8.00am. Those who arrive before that time can camp somewhere else. Please follow the indications of the W:O:A stewards and crew. More info on the official W:O:A homepage. If you want to move on Wednesday to the Camp, you are free to do so. (if you registered before).
    "Full real name" means: "First name and Given name".
    The e-mail address for the registration is: wackencamping@web. de
    Please think on how much tents, vehicales and people you want to bring - the space is limited.

    At the end, a very important announcement:
    I will sign a "site rules" contract with this registration. With this signature I will vouch for you as well. (This is a reason why not everybody can register (be registered!) I will send those "site rules" to each of you by e-mail, after confirmation of your registration. Read it carefully, and also forward it to all people you travel with. It is obvious that you will obey to these terms. He/She who does not behave properly, gets thrown out! Luckily this has not happened yet, but it should stay that way.

    After the actual registration has been processed at HQ, everybody will recieve a mail with a confirmation, the 'site terms' and a parking ticket - please print them all, and forward it to all members of your group! The parking tickets must be placed visibly in the car. It is impossible to enter with your car without a parkticket!

    All yours,

    Your Wizzi

    When you have any questions, or something is not clear to you, write a mail BEFORE your registration to wackencamping@web. de

    Send a mail with the following information abou you to

    wackencamping@web. de :

    Registration forml

    Your forum name: _____________________________
    Your real name: ________________________________
    Your e-nail address: ___________________________
    0 Person(s) accompany me
    all real names and if available forum names of the persons that accompany you:

    0 tent(s) small (1-3 Persons)
    0 tent(s) big (4-10 Persons)

    0 party tents(s)

    0 Car(s)
    0 Motor/- bike(s) ;-)
    0 Camping car /Mobile home(s)
    0 other vehicles: ___________________________

    Day of arrival: * _____________________________

    Remarks, Questions: _________________________

    *Arrival, as said before, only as from Wednesday at 8.00am!

    Camp rules

    Who can participate?
    The participant has to be an active member of the Community (Englsh part if your German is not good enough), and at least be known by the members. It is not desired when people, who have almost nothing to do with this forum, register for this camp. The decision will rest with the host!
    All participants must be 18 years old, unless they travel with parents or other adult family members.
    Bringing forum friends
    It is, to a certain level, allowed to bring a few friends, after consultation. One should however avoid to bring a big group of forum strangers. Problems could come, as one of those participants is unknown by the rest.
    It is the responsability of the forum member that brings guests for an eventual error on the number of friends. The organisation can remove people from the camp!
    Order and cleanness:
    The Camp is no waste ground, and it will be treated neatly, and decently. You will be provided with a garbage bag, so use it. When you don't follow these rules, you will be removed!
    Nazi shit, or whatever indecent things, as music, symbols etc. will not be tolerated!
    Whoever pees between the tents or in the camp, or whatever, can pack his bags!
    Fireworks are forbidden WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION!!!!
    For the rest, the normal rules of normal everyday life apply. We actually should all know them by now, via education and childhood.
    The arrival will be in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Meeting point is the parking lot of the (big) Edeka-markt at the entrance of Wacken (village).
    We will then collectively go to the camp at Wed. 8.00am.
    All reservation papers must be brought by you.

    Read and agreed


    NOTE: Where "I" is mentioned, or its forms (me, mine, my, etc) Black Wizzard is referred to, not ME. I'm not going this year! I'm just providing you with the information. All questions must therefore be sent to the mail address or to BLACK WIZZARD!!!
    Dat geldt ook voor Nederlandstaligen ;)
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    19. Juli 2004
    Change of date.

    Deadline is on the 31-05-2011 (31 MAY 2011)!!!!!!
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    19. Juli 2004
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    08. August 2010
    hi ihr!
    Karen und ich sowie Andrea sind wohl behalten in Bayern angekommen! Vielen Dank euch allen für ne GEILE Zeit!
    War super!

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