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    Ok guys and girls, so first off, i dont post here and this could been seen as spam, which is essentially what it is, but please hear me out before you condemn me.

    Firstly, Headbang is a FREE online webzine run by fans of rock and metal out of Britain. I have signed up today as after 6 previous issues and a lot of trial and error me and the team finally seem to have got it right, producing a very solid issue for April 2007.

    I am signing up to forums that may have interest in the zine and hope that you find it something different to the usual websites.

    I hope this can be viewed and taken well, although i understand if i get pitchforked! lol.

    Secondly, we are producing a peice on WOA for the August and September issues, covering most of the bands and a good chunk of live reviews./ We are on the hunt for writers and photographers, and if ppl like the zine and would like to write for a site such as ours, then there is plenty of oppertunity to do so.

    I hope i have presented my case well and that everyone who read this with an open mind can enjoy the most rocking webzine online.

    Thanks for reading,

    I will be back im sure :) hehe


    Rock On!

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