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    15. Juli 2002
    KREATOR will not play WOA 2004. This question has been answered numerous times already!

    Is it too much to ask to read the lists regarding the bands??

    This is the appropriate Link:


    It's the "sticky" Thread on the very top of this Forum! Kinda like the first sign once you enter here.

    This is for you and all the others too ignorant to invest a minimum amount of time to try to gather information on this board:

    Please try to give the guys at the WOA Headquarters the possibility to answer NEW questions. It's really tiresome for me as a user of the board, too, to have to read the same questions over and over and over again. I can't even begin to imagine what this must feel like for Holger, Martin and the rest of the crew.
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    24. November 2001
    thanx for your great support...you are welcome...

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