Wieviel Geld habt ihr ausgegeben?

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W:O:A Metalhead
28 Jan. 2008
SH, Germany
I spent at WOA this year 0 €

The Ticket was a present from my parents and only thing I bought was for private a pair of boots, a hat, also 2 Chairs for the Festival and something to eat and drink.

Wanted to buy a Shirt but they were sold out.


W:O:A Metalhead
6 Aug. 2008
I think it`s a lot. Last year it was more than this year. I spent 300 Euro (with ticket) But beer was very expensive.

Lord Soth

To get there:

109,- for the ticket
22,- for gasoline (my part of it)

In Wacken:

6,- for buttons
3,- for one patch
60,- for beer, drinks, and food
0,- for CDs'n stuff (though I go one for free from the Stam1na guys;))

Things I brought with me:

15,- for cans of beer
10,- for food
36,- for a stack of cigarettes
18,- for Whisky
5,- for water
6,- for Coke
10,- for a camouflage hat (saved my life in this year's burning sun!:cool:)

The Rockit's

6 Jan. 2008
New England Sea Coast
We came from the states (via Switzerland) so I won't even include that nor will I include our Eurail tx for Switzerland & Germany. (Which was a big time saver!)

At the festival specifically -
Ticket at Wacken price (got that before the flight etc)
Cab to and from Itzhoe (thanks to some nice german kids when we got to Itzhoe initially!) - €30 or was it €35.

Between the two of us we probably spent about €130 Th, Fr, & €100 Sat. But we didn't cook at the camp site - so that was breakfast & dinner, beer, a lot of water - and includes stuff at the metal market. My husband also bought a camo hat (I told him he looked like Ted Nugent :D), a couple of T-Shirts, a Hoodie/Sweatshirt, a leather waist coat (vest) for me, an umbrella that I used for the sun (that I promptly left at the beer garden Friday night), postcards (that actually got sent!).