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    WET = Wacken Evolution Tent (Newcomer!!!)
    It is no problem - i don´t understand you!
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    I think the statement made by Metalmaniac is that the WET stage has not always been solely for newcomer bands.

    In 2000 old bands such as Skew Siskin, Hades, Nightmare, Savage, Praying Mantis and grim Reaper all played the WET stage, bands that are older than the members of newcomer bands!

    Remember that in the year 1999 the History stage was added and maybe he is suggesting something similar to that.

    The reply by Gorefield is saying that newcomer bands should be given a chance on different stages.

    After all, the band Dark Age, who are basically unknown outside Germany, played the black stage, Nghtwish and Freedom Call played the main stage and bands such as Pain and Raise Hell played the party stage.

    Personanlly, I am happy with the line up, although I would like a few more well known bands to be added to the billing. However, I also loo forward to finding out what newcomer bands will play! Hopefully I will get the chance to see some of them!


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    we do our best

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