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    Unfortunately, there were intruders/imposters active for lat year's (er, actually, THIS year's) edition.
    And even though Hard Tickets will be sold (again), those imposters will react to that.

    To prevent you for falling into their traps, please be careful to whom you buy from.
    Some tips.
    - E-mail. Those imposters usually use a free mail address e.g.,,
    Most times, but not always, they use the same form of address, e.g. "nameXXsurname@mail" (where XX stands for 2 random numbes)
    - Payment. Do not pay in unusual ways! Avoid unsecure payments like Western Union, checks or strangs money transfers to strange "banks"! (e.g. in France, you can open an account at a tobacco shop!!!) or PayPal without buyer's insurance! (that is only for people you really know!)
    - If unusually AGGRESIVE means of communication! If so, break off!!

    What can I do?
    1. Do not pay immediately! Ask for a proof. Invoice e.g. with address details!
    2. PLEASE, REPORT those users, so we can have them banned!

    And the MOST IMPORTANT, rely on you instincts. Wenn you think, something is not right, BREAK OFF, and bye!

    Unfortunately, intruders/imposters also read forums. And they are getting more and more creative
Status des Themas:
Es sind keine weiteren Antworten möglich.

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