Wacken with an injury?

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The Rockit's

6 Jan. 2008
New England Sea Coast
Let me tell you a story:

A few weeks ago, I caught Maiden at their Mansfield, MA stop. Minutes before the show was about to start, my friend taps my shoulder and points to a couple of rows behind me. There, some guy about my age was sitting in a motorized wheelchair, the kind you have to steer with your chin. I'm quite certain he could not move from the neck down. He was wearing a "Best Of The Beast" t-shirt and his eyes were alert and impatient for Maiden to finally come on.

I got a little choked up and I said to my friend: "That there is the most hardcore motherf#$%er I have ever seen. I feel humbled".

If you can move, get your ass to Wacken.


WHOA! Wonder if it was the guy we saw outside at The Cult show in Boston. I think it's great people don't let things get in their way. We ski. I've seen people with one leg, blind people etc. \m/

And Turkish - broken collar bones (for me anyway when I had one) was a lot easier to deal with standing up than sitting down and resting against something. Playing co-ed soccer in college and WHAM this dude about 6'1" crashes into me. And I'm not a small woman. 5'7" and about 140 at the time.

Don't let it stop you