Wacken Post-C19 speculation thread

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    30. September 2016
    With this year off the table and plans already under
    way for the next WOA, it's definitely going to be one
    to remember. That is, if it's allowed to move forward
    next year depending on the global situation. A few
    things that the WOA crew is gonna have to look at
    before next year.


    1.) Attendance and audience capacity

    So officially, attendees are at 75K, right? Not counting
    staff, security, and all the bands themselves. Since
    there's like ten stages of different sizes, it's not like
    they magically squeeze 75K people in front of each
    stage. Those of us who've attended in the past have
    probably tried catching certain bands, only to see that
    they closed off access because the area close to the
    stage got full(i.e. the infield, circus tent). Pretty
    sure they'd sooner cancel the festival before expecting
    all 75K of us to stand 2 meters(that's six feet for us
    Americans) apart. I don't even wanna think about what
    the campgrounds would look like if we're expected to
    maintain social distancing between tents and other
    camps! They'd have to consider expanding the WOA
    festival grounds to pull that off! lol Considering the
    size of the festival grounds already, I see a snowflake's
    chance in hell of expansion.

    2.) E-Ticket exchange

    This has been a sore spot for many attendees. Primarily
    when they have a ticket, plans fall through for one
    reason or another and they can no longer attend. It's

    been a long time coming, but it looks like the WOA crew
    are FINALLY addressing this and moving to an E-Ticket

    I can understand their hesitancy going E-Ticket. Not
    familiar with how it works over there in regards to
    ticket skalpers, but it's a BIG problem here. So big that
    it's enough to stop you from even attending a big-name
    show. I could bend your ear on the history of the ticket
    industry but I'll save that for another day. The bigger
    ticket companies over here are LiveNation, AXS and
    TicketMaster(who we refer to as TicketBastard, and
    all their bastard fees). They'll use ticket "reseller" sites
    like StubHub to sell tickets that are significantly marked
    up. Concert A, was selling tickets for $75, now it's up to
    $250 on StubHub. ...and that's on the first day tickets
    went on sale. What'll really grind my gears, is when a
    band like Iron Maiden announces a tour, there'll be
    FOUR different presale codes for the same show. One
    for the fan club four days before public sale. One code
    three days before sale for being a Visa/MC carrier. You'll
    get a code from TicketBastard two days before public
    sales. You'll get a code from Fuckerberg for having an
    account on FuckFace the day before sales. By the time
    public sale starts, General Admission/Ground Floor is
    gone, decent seats are gone, and only nosebleed tickets
    are available. When Iron Maiden came around last year,
    they played Oakland Arena(where the Golden State
    Warriors play). I got tickets through a TicketBastard
    code. Those tickets went on sale TEN months in advance
    of their tour. Tickets go on sale 10am Fri... by 10:02am,
    Skalp-Bots cleared out the box office and by 10:03am
    those same tickets are up on StubHub.

    With Wacken going to the E-Ticket format, I'm hoping
    that maybe they'll develop something "in-house." What
    I mean is, set up an in-house ticket exchange that keeps
    the TicketBastards, the LiveNations and the StubHub
    skalpers OUT. I heard that the Wacken organizers can
    deactivate tickets when they come up on Ebay or on
    similar sites, Burning Man does the same thing.

    The travel restrictions imposed currently, I would've
    been disqualified from attending if this year was still
    on. California currently looking like New York City and
    Rome back in April. I would've been stuck holding 2
    tickets, that'd be $500 down the drain. If there was a way
    we could exchange them and get our bread back without
    a big hassle, that'd save us all a nervous breakdown. For
    the record, yes I'm aiming to go next year. So long as
    western civilization hasn't collapsed before then. Gonna
    cross my fingers that Mercyful Fate and Sodom are added
    back on.

    3.) Vulnerable population

    With C19 having a harsh effect on those in the Age 60
    and up category, quite a few of the bands we wanna
    see have members who fall into that group. Judas
    Priest, Iron Maiden, Running Wild, King Diamond... even
    Body Count, Ice T is about 63 years old. Dave Mustaine
    turns 59 next month. The two core members that are
    in Blue Oyster Cult are in their mid-70's(...and they can
    still play circles around people a third their age). Wacken
    will have to take a hard look at this. Many of the bands
    that we know and love, are likely gonna have to retire
    within the next couple years. That is of course, if current
    circumstances haven't forced an early retirement already.

    4.) Medical Staff/Response

    They've already got a pretty solid set-up onsite as it is
    when it comes to first aid or an emergency response.
    After C19, they'll obviously be having to review their
    set-up and bring a few things up to date.

    Even before this year, it's a very good idea if you or
    someone in your camp has a first aid kit. Not even
    just band-aids. Aspirin, extra ear plugs, cough drops,


    Anyone else see comedy, in that this year was supposed
    to have a Mayan/Incan theme. But it was scrapped due
    to a cataclysmic global event?!! Suppose the Mayan
    calendar was only off by eight years! Those of you who
    cannot attend for next year's Horror theme, tune into
    your evening news broadcast. You'll find plenty of blood,
    devastation, death, war and HORROR nightly! Just set
    your TV on mute, and put on the "Consuming Impulse"
    record by Pestilence on full volume. Commence

    In closing, feel free to add onto that list. So what will
    become of Wacken post C19?? DISCUSS!!!

    - Sepulchral Voice
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    19. Juli 2004
    Er, actually, I don't know. And to be honest, I don't think ANYONE knows yet!
    There's talk about a vaccin, that should be available in November, December, but others talk about the beginning of next year! It's all so vague.
    And that's just the point! It is vague! No one knows what will happen in 2021!

    Let's just see what will happen in 2020! Some bands are slowly starting to give concerts, be it very restricted!
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    22. Juni 2005
    I honestly think there won't be a wacken 2021 if there isn't a vaccine by early 2021. I mean, before these kind of big gatherings are safe to organise atleast 60% of people should be vaccinated.
    And to have that many people vaccinated by august 2021 the vaccine must be available quite soon.
    If that doesn't happen I think there won't be a festival season in 2021.
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  4. Darkfang

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    27. Juli 2013
    I'm thinking the same way.. Also, this apply to all indoor venue as well, so no onsite live show until summer next year. A metal show without a mosh pit is less fun.
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  5. agresionpower

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    22. Juni 2005
    Yeah I think Eindhoven metal meeting will be canceled too, which would suck since it's the only festival left.
    It's always in mid december and I have been to all 11 editions so far.
  6. Quark

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    19. Juli 2004
    I hope it won't, but with winter, and the rise of ordinary coronaviruses, e.g. the simple cold, I'm afraid as well.

    I still hope to attend the Meh Suff Metal Festival though. So far, it looks promising, even in COVID-19 times.
  7. Sepulchral Voice

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    30. September 2016
    Besides the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally over in South
    Dakota, there's been virtually no shows happening
    stateside. Granted that some of the flyover states
    are trying to push through reopening businesses
    and larger events, it hasn't been without problems.

    Earlier today, I was reading that El Presidente Putin
    found a C19 vaccine. Knowing his penchant for having
    to make a spectacle of everything, I can only assume
    he's withholding it until he can get a camera crew
    set up to film him riding on horseback up FDR Drive
    to personally deliver it to the UN Building in New

    Realistically, they're gonna need to have progress
    by the holiday season. If they don't have a working
    vaccine by next March then it's safe to say that
    Wacken 2021 will likely have to be scrapped as well.
    If proof of vaccination was to be required upon
    entry, that could force some folks to have to forfeit
    going. Since depending on where they're coming
    from, a vaccine may not be available to them. I
    don't see Wacken magically getting involved in the
    pharmaceutical industry to personally administer
    vaccinations to us upon entry. (for an extra 20
    Euros, you'll get your VIP Vaccination personally
    administered by David Lee Roth who also happens
    to be a NY state certified EMT! Rock on!!!)

    Hard to imagine a "socially distanced" Metal show.
    It just seems like such an oxymoron. Freakin' "safety
    dance," lol

    - Sepulchral Voice

  8. Quark

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    19. Juli 2004
    I wouldn't get your hopes too high on Putin. He's just skipped phase III of the test phase (test on a large group of people, to see its effect(s)), and blew the whisle because he's SOOO desperately in need of positive news! After the things he did (Syria, Turkey, Crimea, the Bellarussian elections the other day)
    So no, not a single dime of trust for this so called "event" for me!
  9. agresionpower

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    22. Juni 2005
    Chances are that the russian is actually working, like a couple of others that are currently being test are probably working.
    But is it worth the risk? I don't think so. and I guess many with me.

    Currently I think chances are quite high there is a vaccine by early next year.
    But than the big question is, will there be enough in time to have big events by next summer.

    I think there's a 50% chance of that happening.

    But then you have to wonder, who's willing to take the financial risk of organising something that has a 50% chance of being cancelled?

    I'm pretty sure no insurance company would be willing to give you an "pandemic cancellation" insurance for a big event next year. (if they will ever take that risk again).

    would be cool though :p

    I think he skipped phase II as well...
  10. Quark

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    19. Juli 2004
    No, he didn't.. if he'd done that, it won't be approved by the EMA/FDA later. That's compulsory, if you want to bring any medication on the market.
  11. agresionpower

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    22. Juni 2005
    arstechnica report this yesterday
    The World Health Organization, which tracks international COVID-19 vaccine development efforts, lists Sputnik V as being only in the first of three main clinical trial phases. Generally, Phase I clinical trials for vaccines are small—typically only involving dozens of people—and only assess the safety of the candidate. Phase II trials may involve hundreds of people and look further at safety, dosing, and the immune responses that the vaccine triggers, which may hint at the vaccine’s possible efficacy. Then there is the Phase III trial, which often involves tens of thousands of people and looks at whether the vaccine protects against infection and disease.

    It appears that Russia has skipped Phase III—and possibly has not finished Phase II yet."
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    30. September 2016

    Cutting corners wouldn't surprise me. I mean, there's
    that instinct that a lot of people are born with about
    always wanting to be "first." I suppose history loves a
    winner. However in these circumstances, it's far more
    important that the vaccine works.


    From Scott Ian(Anthrax, Motor Sister, ex-S.O.D., ex-Damnocracy):
    (SOURCE: https://www.hardcorehumanism.com/006-scott-ian/)

    "We never would have electively, as a band, said, 'Let's take two years off.' It's not something we would ever have done. Financially, it's not something we could afford to do even. But even just on every level, that conversation — 'Let's take a hiatus' — that's not gonna happen. We've been forced into that situation. So if there's one silver lining about this for me, [it's] I get to be home with my family for longer than I've ever been. That's awesome. So figuring out ways to work with everything going on on the planet and being able to stay creative and stay busy and work and make things work financially, it was kind of like starting over, in a weird way, four months ago.

    "All right, what I do is not essential, which that was not hard to come to grips with," he continued. "I understand. I get to be home with my family. Now I get to do this full time. And then how are we gonna make it work with the band so financially we could keep our heads above water as well? Because who knows how long this is gonna be? We're gonna be the last ones to go back to work. So, figure it out.

    "There's a part of me now that's in those same shoes I was in when I was 17 years old, because it's trying to figure out, how are we going to do this? Luckily for us, this year was kind of an off year from touring anyway, because we're writing a record, and the plan was to have it out at the end of this year. That's all changed. We're hoping next summer. But it's still a crapshoot. Nobody knows. Everyone's saying everything's gonna happen again in '21 — maybe.

    "In my mind, I'm not going back to work, probably, till, I'm thinking, '22," Ian said. "Realistically, that's when things will maybe start to get somewhere back to normal, for my world, as a touring musician. So now it's become a case of, how do I keep things running for the next two years — with the luxury of being home. Because if it was up to me, I'd just hang around and jam with my son all day long. But now I have to be able to have the balance of I get to just be home and I get to go to the beach and hang out. And it becomes very easy to do nothing. And when I say nothing, I don't mean nothing in a lazy way. I mean, not have anything to do with my band and literally be on vacation from my work. So it's almost like a retraining. Even doing interviews, I kind of, at one point, said, 'I'm not doing anything.' You know what? I have a chance now to literally take a break. And I did. We kind of did. And then we started doing these 'Instajam' collaboration things online and whatnot and slowly but surely getting our feet back in the game, and I'm sure that'll pick up over the months.

    "But I'll tell you what: I love being home," he admitted. "I love not traveling. I love not getting on a plane. I was looking at our schedule, 'cause it was all on my calendar. I was supposed to be in Europe for the last two weeks playing festivals. I was, like, 'Oh my God. I am so glad I am not in the Ukraine right now.' Imagine there was no pandemic. I'm literally, like, I'm home right now, and I'm sitting in my living room hanging out. Just the idea of that, it's never happened. We've never canceled shows. It was out my hands. And it was nice to have no power. For kind of the first time, it's all out of my hands. It's, like, 'Hey, there's nothing I can do. [I'm] just gonna hang out here with my family. You tell me when it's okay to come back to work.'"


    He's not wrong, it's probably more realistic that
    most bands aim for 2022 before doing any major
    touring outside of their home region. Besides the
    occasional one-off gig. Because circumstances
    could change within a matter of a couple days.

    On the flip side, though. A lot of bands that are
    benched and off the road, they could have more
    time in the studio. Fingers crossed that by next
    Spring we start seeing a new renaissance of
    killer records.

    - Sepulchral Voice
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    30. September 2016
    Yikes, things are not looking good for Summer fests this year. They already
    scrapped Glastonbury. Hellfest is already considering whether or not to
    pull the plug.


    Excerpt from the New York Times

    (SOURCE: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/21/arts/music/glastonbury-canceled.html)

    For weeks, Glastonbury’s organizers had been warning that the festival was at risk of cancellation because of uncertainties around the pandemic, with insurers unwilling to provide cover. In December, Emily Eavis did a string of interviews with British news organizations in which she asked the government to create its own insurance scheme to cover costs if a last minute cancellation became necessary.

    “What we definitely can’t afford to risk is getting too far into the process of next year, only for it to be snatched away from us,” she told the BBC.

    Oliver Dowden, Britain’s culture minister, said in a tweet on Thursday that Glastonbury’s decision was understandable as bringing fans together “in just a few months looks very difficult to make safe.” The government was “looking at problems around getting insurance,” he added.

    This month, Austria launched an insurance scheme to cover events that cannot be rescheduled, including music festivals. Germany’s finance ministry recently said it has plans to start covering cultural events, but Britain only has a similar scheme for film and TV shoots despite pressure from politicians and musicians.

    The decision to cancel Glastonbury again has caused concern across Europe, where music festivals have an almost mythical status. British politicians often like to be seen at Glastonbury, a sign of its importance in the cultural calendar.

    “It’s sent a very bad signal,” Olivier Garnier, a spokesman for Hellfest, one of France’s largest events, said in a telephone interview. Hellfest hosts about 60,000 heavy metal fans each year and its 2021 iteration, scheduled for June, is already sold out.

    On Monday, Hellfest sent a three-page letter to Roselyne Bachelot, France’s culture minister, asking for certainty on whether the event can occur, and suggesting that the festival could test attendees for the virus upon arrival.

    On Tuesday, Bachelot dismissed the idea that testing would be enough to allow festivals to occur. “It’s fanciful!’,” she told a French parliamentary committee, adding that festivals were an obvious potential site of transmission with people singing, drinking and dancing together.


    The surgeon general over here is saying that live events and pro sports
    with audiences likely won't return until the Autumn at least. Now that
    we've got a new president in the director's chair, he's pledging to
    vaccinate 100 million Americans in his first 100 days in office(that's
    roughly about a third of the US population last time I checked). A bold
    boast, but if we get even to two-thirds of that by early May, it's still
    a lot better than now.

    Germany is supposedly making plans to cover insurance for "cultural
    events." However, what qualifies as a "cultural event" could possibly
    get outta hand. Could it mean, just cover Oktoberfest and nothing
    else? Or do they cover everything whether it's
    Obktoberfest or a
    Snooker tournament? Wacken or a Star Trek convention?!

    From a business standpoint, it would make sense for Wacken to
    cancel the 2021 edition. Because of the uncertainty of whether
    bands and fans will be able to travel internationally by then. We've
    already seen mutations like the one going around Britain. There's
    reports of mutations being found in Japan, Brazil, even reports of
    a mutation from the area of San Diego and Los Angeles that have
    been popping up since the holidays. Realistically speaking, getting
    vaccinated, travel restrictions, insurance, added expenses and all
    the other hurdles that have been set up since all this crap started
    over a year ago now, getting any Summer festival to move forward
    this year would be a stretch. It's a big financial gamble that neither
    Hellfest or Wacken should take.

    Wacken should definitely do another virtual festival. It was the
    top online live-streamed event from last year. Even if it's free
    for fans to view, they'd have sponsors signing up to advertise in
    minutes of announcing another Wacken World Wide. It's also the
    double benefit of showcasing the WOA crew being at the forefront
    of tech for live events. The XR-stage they had definitely had it's
    learning curves for trying to get into the "audience." I could see
    them expanding on that idea for the fortunate few that are
    equipped with VR headsets. Hopefully, they can make it work with
    something more affordable. Like the Google Cardboard VR glasses!
    lol I'm already picturing drunk Wacken fans at home making their
    own Do-It-Yourself VR glasses out of empty beer crates!

    - Sepulchral Voice
  14. agresionpower

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    22. Juni 2005
    Yeah I doubt we'll have a festival summer this year.
    And even if there are festivals I wonder if international guests will be an option.

    The closer we're getting to decision time the less likely it seems to become.
  15. Hemmer

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    08. Oktober 2017
    I can't imagine how it could work this year. How far down the rabbit hole will W:O:A go before pulling the trigger on canceling?

    I do not know the business end of festivals at all, but do worry they won't survive the financial cost if they hold out until April or May when planning and payments are well underway.

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