Wacken organizers are stalling = more $$$ for them...

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W:O:A Metalhead
10 Feb. 2003
This is obviously very easy to see what Wacken organizers are doing...

Try and stall as much as possible before announcing the "big" bands as they see how many tickets they can sell in advance before any real line-up is shaped up. By the time they are comfortable with the sales and know for a fact the show will sell out (and it will sell out pretty quick, my guess before christmas) they can sign whatever band they want for much less money if they desire thus making a bigger profit (not counting the 25% or so increase in the ticket price).

I am not trying to bash the organizers or be in any way negative because I did go to Wacken last year and was a hell of a lot of fun...BUT my point in this post is when they promise to announce a moderate number of bands, keep you word and let us know who IS playing and don't do this crap by confirming one band and then make another promise like they are doing right now...


W:O:A Metalmaster
20 Nov. 2002
Darwin, Australia
What is the purpose of this post??

Look at any festival scheduled for summer '09...

Are there any bands listed ?? no

Wacken will sell out, regardless of if they have fucking shit like trivium

buy a ticket now, and then when the lineup is shit, you can always sell the ticket on ebay or something


20 Aug. 2008
Makes no sense. Most people won't buy their ticket until the line-up's been announced.
I bought mine already but only because a)I'm in Los Angeles and need to get the cash in place and b)I'm fuckin' going no matter who's playing.
Most other people won't feel that way though. If anything, it makes more sense for them to announce the bands sooner rather than later if they want to sell it out early...


W:O:A Metalhead
17 Juni 2003
Mpls. MN USA
doubt it

I think it's good for the dedicated WOA fans who already know they're going, and are planning ahead.
All it's going to take is the announcement of a "biggie" or two, and the tickets will be gone (mostly probably to the same people who are scalping Ac/Dc & Metallica tickets around here for twice their worth).

If the orga's were really interested in upping their income, they'd be trying to increase the capacity of the festival (which they easily could, because the reserved campground had TONS of open space in it, and there are plenty of other farms around there they could probably rent), but they're resisting anything like that from what I understand.

I have nothing but faith that next year is going to be awsome. If you're waiting around to get tickets, just because you're afraid no good metal bands are going to be playing,I gotta say.....:rolleyes:you're dumb.


W:O:A Metalhead
3 Aug. 2002
Baltimore,Maryland USA
Website besuchen
OMG this is gonna be a spambot thread as well with those dollar signs in the title :rolleyes:

No.Just a bunch of whiny fucks who are too cheap to pay for it(ask your mommy & daddy's for the cash).

I am saving up after the 1st of next year for 2010 because I PLAN AHEAD!

I'm a son of a US Marine(& former Baltimore City Police.Same guy).He did teach me to a point to "MAN UP!"


W:O:A Metalmaster
4 Juli 2006
A crazy men's Utopia
right, but I still havent seen any numbers being correct with others

some speak of over 100.000 people at maiden alone, and just this weekend I read something about 65.000 people

big difference if you ask me