Wacken 2014 wristband

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    13. September 2012

    Due to circumstances which sucks my 2014 and 2015 wristbands where damaged.

    The 2015 I can repair with a needle and thread, tho a new one would be better as a repair may tear in future.

    But my 2014 was lost fully in the incident.

    I've got a wristband From every year ive been and I'm very upset about my 2014 being destroyed by this incident.

    So, I'm willing to buy a 2014 wristband, maybe a 2015 too, but u can repair my 2015 the 2014 was lost fully :(.

    So yea, anyone able to help? Maybe the wacken folk themselves can help and I'll donate to a charity or whatever.

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