Wacken 2014 Playlist

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    While Im a huge metal fan, there are plenty of bands in the lineup that I have not heard before. I want to get the most of my Wacken experience since Im coming all the way over from the USA, so I created this playlist. I decided to make the playlist include EVERY band playing at Wacken and not just the ones I hadn't heard so I can share with the rest of the forum. The reason is this: Wouldn't it suck if you missed a bands performance at Wacken simply because you didn't KNOW you would like them beforehand and decided to wait in line for a shower during their set instead?

    I selected 3 songs from every band in the lineup. I tried to pick the best representation of each band by choosing from their most popular videos on youtube and also the songs they play live most often(according to setlist.fm). When possible I tried to use the official videos from the bands or labels(not possible in every case though).


    If you think a different song represents a band better let me know which one I should replace and why.
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