Wacken 2002

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    okay, you can sleep in tents... there are several campgrounds around the festivl area... if you want to you can go to a hotel, too , but the ticket includes camping .... furthermore there´s a shuttle-service from the train station in itzehoe, a town near wacken.... so if you fly to hamburg i don´t think it´s a big problem to get to WACKEN....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Okay, great. Thanks for the information.
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    ... you´re welcome..
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    Wow cool, Amis auf wacken!
    Ich hab ja schon alles da gesehen und mit vielen Leuten aus anderen Ländern gesprochen, aber noch mit keinen Amis!
    Hey @Olivier, hope to meet u next year in Wacken, like to talk to americans about there impressions of wacken! Hope u come next year! And when u come then we will have some beer togehther!

    Metal forever!


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