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    Didn´t you ever dream of standing on one of the stages of the Wacken Open Air and give the metal...

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    Help with the song

    It's a cool playback, but I don't see how the verses fit. I understand the bridge and chorus, but with the verses, the actual lyrics are very short compared to the verse's musical length - It's like you have to sing one word every few beats, and that comes out pretty dumb when I try it. The 2nd verse is even shorter, and lyric-wise it feels like an undone idea (like the sentence wasn't finished)
    Are you sure that the complete lyrics are posted in this website? Is there any demonstration of this song anywhere? I bet that we can't just make up our own lyrics, so if anyone has an answer I'd love to hear it. This is an awesome project and I hope it goes well for everyone!

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