W:O:A-Forum-Camp 2008

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Toffi Fee

W:O:A Metalgod
3 Dez. 2002
MS Holy Slaughterhouse
My dearest!

So finally the time has come that the confirmation and the detailed campgroundmap have entered my e-mailbox. I was afraid I've made a mistake when telefaxing the rules of the house.

By the way – again I ask you to comply with those rules because with my signature I've put my hand into the fire for you.

An e-mail is on its way to each of you who reserved.

In it you will find the detailed campgroundmap and the confirmation which you should have lying visible in your car on your way to the area.

Once again is to be mentioned that it's not allowed to enter the area "R" until wednesday 30.07.08 8:00 am.

If there are any open questions – please send it not as a PM but to the e-mail-adress


Here in the forum your PMed question can drown!!! :o oder vanish on some other mystic way....