W:O:A Festival ABC Update 09

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    17. Dezember 2006
    Dear metalheads,

    our festival ABC, with all info from A-Z is updated to 2009.
    Here you will...

  2. AlexanderVB

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    15. März 2009
    Can it be true? :S

    I just noticed something that me, and alot of freinds started to argue about..

    Early arrival :
    Because of the major logistic effort and the low demands in the last year, it won’t be possible to arrive already on Saturday and Sunday. Please switch to the numerous public campgrounds at the westcoast.

    The official arrival day is Wednesday, the 29th of Juli 2009 – but now, starting at 00.01 am (NEW!). If you still think about arriving earlier, we give you the opportunity to use an extra stated and primed area for camping but it requires an extra expanse loading of 15€ on Monday 27th of July for each person and 5€ on Thuesday 28th of July until 12:00pm for each person.

    Does that mean, that you can come at monday, pay 30 euro (15 pr day) put your camp up, and then you have to remove it on wednsday?

    Or does it mean that you pay 20 euro? (15 on monday, and 5 for tuesday) and then you can stay at your camp the rest of the festival?

    Or something in between or even third possibility?

    Please tell me what that means since i dont quite understand the meaning of it

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