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    Dear metalheads and all others concerned,
    *riming the official phrase together* :ugly:

    The Search function (upper right --> "Search") is a true friend and help. :)

    I urge you to use it first, before you open a new thread

    It has some issues with short words, therefore I give you a few useful tips:

    1st: Test, if the band is already there
    Rush --> Search finds nothing. The normal search will only start with 5 characters.

    "Rush" --> Search finds the thread about the band Rush.

    (For some other bands, try alternative writings (WASP vs. W.A.S.P.)

    2nd: Sort to ABC
    If you still can't find a band or just want an alphabetical order, then you can sort the forum to any order, e.g. on titel. This is on the left bottom.

    When you really haven't found anything, you can be sure that the band has not been wished for yet.

    Other notifications:
    1: Polls can be made by everyone. Please limit your answers to TWO (2) and the voting to ONE (1)!!!
    2: Should someone want to wish a smaller bnad, which has accidently the same name as another band, please add an extra creative addition to it, e.g. country or genre, or a link in the first post. :D
    It wasn't always clear what was meant. :ugly:

    On voting buttons:
    Ja = Yes
    Nein (Heidevolk: Nee) = No.
    *name* spinnt = "is crazy". (Dir en grey and Neaera)

    Thanks :D

    NEW: To make it easier, ther will be a BAND LIST available. LOOK AT IT FIRST!
    It can be found on top of the FIRST page, as a STICKY!
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