Urgent\ Looking for a ticket, delivered at Wacken

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22 Juli 2009
Hello everyone !

I'm stuck in a hard situation. I was planning to go with some """""friends"""" but I've been kicked of the band for no true fact... So I'm here, with by ebay-bought ticket, and my only way to come to Wacken is to go with plane from Geneva to Hamburg with another friend, but he doesn't have a ticket and nobody has one to sell in the area. So we're looking for one ticket to be paid and delivered at the Wacken campground. But as the plane is VERY expansive for us little 16 years old, we could hardly buy a 130€ ticket... I ask you all who are filled with the true metal spirit, offer us a little price, that would be better than nothing and that would help us a lot..... I don't ask you to give it for free, even if we would be so grateful, but I ask you to make a little effort... If we got answers we would be going on Wednesday OR Thursday depending on when we can pick up the ticket....

With many many thanks to the great metal community of WACKEN
Mathieu Clavel, Switzerland.
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