unsigned bands needed for dvd

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    The Pipefish Media Group is looking for unique and interesting bands from all over the globe, and every style of music, be it acoustic and mellow or punky and charged and absolutely everything in between. We provide the movie soundtracks to most of the leading brands of the extreme sports world, including people like O’Neill, Billabong, Rip Curl, as well as many adverts for television. As you can imagine, bands included on these soundtracks receive a massive amount of exposure and kudos. Four bands used on these soundtracks so far have been signed up to major labels.

    Now, this isn’t going to make you rich over night. If you come across anyone offering you fame and fortune in this industry then they are having a joke. It will however raise the status of your band worldwide, and that is what leads to fame and fortune. And best of all it costs you nothing.

    So, mildly interested? What next? Well, send us a copy of your E.P to the address below. (And don’t worry, sending it to us doesn’t mean we can use it without your permission. Unlike a lot of the other sharks out there, we stay 100% above board) We will then check it out and drop you a line to discuss this opportunity. Unfortunately we cannot review MP3’s or web links emailed across.

    Many thanks for your time, we hope you have a passably good week.

    Kind Regards
    The Pipefish Team
    Jolly Lane Cottages
    PL20 6SD


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