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    If I am going to describe U.D.O. it helps if you know about the band Accept.

    The main thing I like about my favourite U.D.O. albums? It's the atmosphere. There is always a classic metal buildup, and you feel locked into it for the long haul. You really get a sense of heavy metal as being this important institution that has to be treated with the utmost seriousness. I think the perfect album towards understanding UDO is Holy, to me the album makes a comment that heavy metal is to be treated as seriously as a religion.

    I think Udo Dirkschneider's vocal delivery has got a sincerity to it. You're getting his entire soul when you listen to those lines. Many commentators have remarked that you can tell if he's on form because it sounds like he's been eating nails. It always helps when he writes really good lyrics. Some of the UDO albums are a bit hit-and-miss lyrically, but you've got to understand this guy is in with the aged heavy metal royalty.

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