Trondheim Metal Marathon - Vol.2!

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    10. April 2002
    Hello people!

    Just to advertise for you people who might be able to travel from your place to Trondheim on the 14th of December 2002.

    In my hometown of Trondheim in Norway we are doing a concert with the following bands:

    BEHEMOTH (Poland) - needs no introduction...
    Vesen (Norway) Black/Thrash
    Chton (Norway) Amazing Death Metal
    Manifest (Norway) Tight Thrash/Death Metal

    Price: 150 NOK and no age limit at the gigs- alchohol served in the pub! The doors will open at 21:00.

    For all who's interested, please email me for information about this mini-festival!

    I surely hope there are some travel happy metal freaks out there who can attend!


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