Town around the fest

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26 Juli 2010
Hey mate,

Sounds like you got it sorted.
Germans love to speak English, so you'll be right. Hel, I've survived over three weeks here speaking English (no prior German skills whatsoever).

TRUTH. Pff my German was better when i lived in the USA. Now I've been in Germany over a year and I haven't had any practice, they hear my shitty accent and switch to English. As long as you have the basic phrases down like "Wie viel.." and "Wo liegt.." right & left, and numbers, you'll be fine. Never be afraid to ask for directions.

"Geht diese Zug nach Itzehoe?" is useful as well. And probably grammatically incorrect.

Last year at Wacken I learned a new word, though! "Landluft" = literally "country atmosphere", a nice way of saying "everything around here smells like horse shit" hahaha
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W:O:A Metalgod
19 März 2007
Hey all, this will be my second visit to wacken. I was with the argon group last time and as such stayed in hambug but this time i plan to be camping with some mates. one of them would like to know what the town around the fest is like? what kind of stores are there, are there any pubs ect ect.

If somone who is familiar with the area could tell me some stuff about it i would be thankful.

Personally i think i could live in the campsite for a week with no problems but he makes a good point about being able to buy beer when we get there instead of lugging it from North wales to germany.

Haha, "town" :D