Tina Guo - Cello Metal

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Tina Guo (Cello)

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    Cello soloist Tina Guo has just released her first full metal album a few days ago. Included are metal covers of classical pieces, covers of well-known metal songs and original compositions. I've never seen her live so far, but I believe she could set the party stage on fire - just like Athonite did in 2012.

    I hesitate to just call her a youtuber since she's got a lot more going on than just that - Tina featured as a cellist on a number of block buster movie scores, for example - but that's where I found her.

    An example video can be found here - this is her take on the famous Flight of the Bublebee.

    Her official page can be found at http://www.tinaguo.com/.


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