Ticket lost in post!

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21 Aug. 2017
To give other players a chance to compete and also to handle "Ping-Pong immigration," that the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has chosen to intervene and adjust the competition rules. Starting in September, there'll be eligibility standards. He or she will have to wait a time period prior to representing a nation, based upon the athlete's age, in case a table tennis athlete immigrates. Players under 15 will have to wait three years before competing for their country. That figure increases to five years for gamers between 15 and 18, and seven years for gamers 18 to 21 decades old. Over 21, a participant can never play for a different nation at certain events. The new rules were supported by most nations, states the chairman of the rules committee to the ITTF, Rudi Sporrer. https://flipboard.com/@pingponggame/ping-pong-sport-7oj40a43y "Something had to be done in order to develop younger table tennis players rather than just bring adult athletes in from China," he says. (Contrary to their achievement on the courts, the Chinese do not control the International Table Tennis Federation; it operates on a one-country-one-vote basis.)
Canada was among the countries in favour of the eligibility restrictions, says Kiesenhofer. Nations fast-tracking citizenship, imported stars and filling their ranks. This was common where gamers earn paycheques in leagues. Countries were being put at a disadvantage, he states, as well as the laws gives all countries the identical set of principles. (Table Tennis Canada doesn't fast-track the citizenship of Ping-Pong celebrities. But, athletes usually perform in Canadian competitions, and gain a national position before the three- to five-year process is complete.)
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W:O:A Metalgod
22 Juni 2005
Almere, Holland
My girlfriend bought a ticket from a friend (he had a spare). However, it has gone missing in the post! Is there any way we can contact the festival organisers to get a replacement sent out or anything like that?

How do you know it got lost?
I just got mine on saturday, and that's really really early.
In the past it took them a few months before they arrived.


W:O:A Metalhead
17 Juni 2009
firosiro might be talking about a letter sent by his friend to gf that got lost. Metaltix can answer all ticket related issues. Send them an email. Everyone here except Wacken-Jasper can only speculate how your specific case would be handled.

I'd ask you friend to do that as he is the one who bought the ticket in the first place. Good luck.