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    Hi Holger!

    When I asked about Thyrfing playing Wacken you said they dont play open airs.

    My friend has just received a newsletter saying that they hope to play some open air festivals in the summer.

    I have also been told that they are confirmed for the hell on earth open air festival in Austria from 13 - 15 July 2001.

    Perhaps there is still a chance of them playing Wacken.


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    The label hammerheart said to me in February - that they do´nt play big festivals in 2001!!!
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    Re: Hammerheart

    Typical Hammerheart, always messing people around! No wonder they can only get bands to playat Dynamo, which is a bit pointless in light of the present situation.

    Although saying that, they were meant to be reocording a new album at the time, but the date of recording only got put back in April.

    Thanks, Lee

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