The weather

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11 Feb. 2009
Does anybody got an idea about what kind of weather we can expect at this years Wacken? I tried to find out myself, but my german is really weak so I didn't understand most of it.


W:O:A Metalhead
26 Mai 2009
Now they say only rain, no thunderstorm. Let's hope, that it will be good weather ;) Or not too much rain...


W:O:A Metalhead
26 Feb. 2007
How was the weather this year?
The weather was pretty good this year
It did rain afew times and a lot one night but whats wacken without mud right? :p
When the sun came out it was boiling but mostly had a cool breeze to go with it, a couple of epic evenings where the sky was clear and orange so i was very satisfied.

Ok bed time too tired! Just got back


W:O:A Metalhead
11 Dez. 2008
NJ "garbage state"
The freezing rain at night was shitty and the smell of cow shit (which i didnt notice after 2 days anymore) wasnt the best. The worse part was waking up still very much drunk at 9 am due to the hot sun beating down on me. My biggest complaint probably was the fact that the cars were alongside the tents which made me feel like i was hanging out in one giant new jersey mall parking lot.:(
Wacken was cool but I had a much better time at Brutal Assault in CZ.

...but you just asked about the weather.