The Wacken "grezzume"

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    05. August 2003
    My english is a really shit, i'm italian.
    In Italy "grezzume" is the love for the dirt, for the disgust, in short for the all borders of Wacken.
    My first W:O:A is tath of 1999. In 1999 the people of Wacken is + drunk, + violent, + dirt. How are the womans who shows them tits without problems at the shower camp? How are the soccer match dressed vs nacked or the race in the trolley of ActivMarkt? The REAL spirit of Wacken, the friendlity among Heavy Metal People of all the world, not reside only under the stages (this year the acoustic plant are an asshole), reside in all the camps, before and after the concert. A promise to Satan for Christmas: at the Wacken 2004 on back at the origin, we retreive the "grezzume". Fuck the poser metal, if you are in Wacken only for music, buy a CD! I'm dirt, i'm drunk, i love the sex without limits! Return me the "grezzume" of the Wacken people!

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