The tall but thin, pierced Luxemburgess

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    21. August 2002
    I chatted with you in the evening of saturday, during Slayer's and Onkel Tom's show, in front of the Biergarten. ('Was sollen wir krotzen')

    You had black clothes, a longsleeve Slayer-shirt, black hair and piercings on your lower lip, your tongue and your navel.

    I took you to my camp in camping ground C. As we arrived, a Japanese guy stumbled there, offering us generous shots of his J.D.. After that, I can't recal the telemetric records. (In other words: I passed out)

    The one, denim-wearing, Manowar-crazed Finnish heavy metal guy just wonders, if there was any change of contacting you in any way. I would like to ask you about some things concerning that night and you in person.

    G.M., a.k.a. Vilhelm

    P.S. Was your name Geraldine? Or for short, jerry?

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