The spanish band AVULSED kicks mucho asses!!!!!!...

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    27. April 2002
    Hi everyone!
    I'm speaking on behalf of French Metalheads
    and especially DEATH METAL fans:
    ***Let's have spanish Death Metal band AVULSED
    playing as they are no demo-band...***
    "10 years of history and 6 CD's released, two european tours and one american tour are their warranties..."
    ***AVULSED have my vote for the participation to
    the xcellent Wacken O.A. !!!***
    Note that they will give more diversity to the
    many sounds that shall flow in the Open Air,
    and why not?
    Another kool reason is that they are playing in
    Germany in this period -not a joke- and many
    French metal fans will support DEATH METAL at Wacken and there is no doubt of that: AVULSED too! Can't wait for that with the hundreds of
    French people visiting Germany..
    Thanks for your time and Take care,
    Musically Brutal and UNDERGROUND-
    ASH / Vocalist in OUROBOROS

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