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    09. Juli 2002
    (Sorry for posting this in english, my german skills is not sufficent to write it all in this language.)

    Based on a true story...

    I walked into Pub Anchor in Stockholm, Sweden and sat down to drink a few beers.
    I had been out eating steak and drinking beer with my brother and some friends, but I was the only one that cotinued to Anchor this night.

    i was talking a little to Malin behind the bar, she used to work several years at my other favourite place, Kelly's.

    This metal head with a beard, long hair and a Wacken Open Air 2003 T-shirt comes in and stands next to me in the bar while I'm writing an SMS. I point to the shirt and gives him the thumbs up.
    When I had finished writing I said to him
    "Men man blir ju inte lika packad här som på Wacken"
    He replied
    "Sorry man, I don't speak swedish"
    so I translated it for him into
    "I just said that you don't get as drunk here at this bar as you usually do in Wacken"

    We continued talking and he turned out to be from Australia, Melbourne even. Glenn was his name.
    As people always ask me when they hear I'm from Örnsköldsvik they say:
    "Oh, then you must know this girl Anna..."
    And I'm like
    "Yeah, I know all the 60,000 people that live there..."
    So just being funny I asked him if he new this australian girl that also went to Wacken, and he goes like:
    "About this tall, long black hair?"
    And me:
    "Yeach, called Natalie!"
    And he DID know her!
    Or at least they had met at the Frankfurt airport, small fucking world.

    More conversations and we started talking about people travelling to go to Wacken, and I said I had met these two Candian girls at Wacken and he is once more like:
    "Not Denise and Madelaine?"
    I was fucking stunned! He had met these two girls as well, but not at Wacken, at a hostel someplace during his travels in Europe.

    Glenn had worked two jobs for a year to be able to afford his trip to Europe. He quit his job, went to Wacken and had been travelling around europe since. Been through at least Germany, France, Great Britain and Sweden. He was leaving for Gothenburg in Sweden on monday, then after this go to Norway.

    I gave him a piece of paper with the bar Kelly's in Stockholm, the two places Sticky Fingers and Belsepub in Gothenburg and the most excellent link
    to help him out in his further travels.
    He is going back to Australia again in mid october and will then look for a new job.

    Glenn's favourite band is also Amon Amarth, like me! That's why he knew about Pub Anchor, and he was also as pissed as me that they had cancelled their planned show that saturday. Of course it's not the bands fault, but whatever.

    We continued talking, drinking and hanging out with other poeple, even almost got in a fight with this dude from south america but this spanish guy talked the guy down, real international.
    We ended the evening with a large burger and when he returned to his hostel I walked back to my company flat sometime after 5 am...

    This nice, friendly, generous guy busted his ass to get money, quit his job and went to the greatest festival there is, what a fucking true metal head!

    Cheerz to you Glenn, I hope there are more of guys like you out there!

    And yes, the australian girl I am talking about is Brat at the lovely Wacken forum ;)
  2. DarthFreak

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    24. Juli 2002
    Was that guy blond ?

    then i met him last year in wacken =)
  3. black

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    27. November 2001
    a pretty nice story :)
  4. gnoff

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    09. Juli 2002
    No, it was his first year this year.

    Not really blond, maybe dark blond if one can say so :)

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