Thanks for everything at W:O:A Soccercup 2009 !!!

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    06. Juni 2009
    Thanks so much to all teams and players who celebrated that great W:O:A Soccercup 2009.

    There was no better cup than that before!
    Great weather, no mud, no delay (just a few minutes), no really bad injuries (as I know) and it was the first time that 32 teams did play.

    It was amazing that all teams were at the field when their match was and so we had much less to organize as the years before.


    Special THANKS are going to our referees who were a big help and saved us a lot of time. Without you there would be more chaos on the fields and in our heads Smile

    A very special THANK YOU goes to our friends of the Metal Train ( who give us a lot support at the fields and and sponsored the great winner-cups.

    A huge THANK YOU goes to Nick and the whole W:O:A crew!!!
    Without him / them the W:O:A Soccercup would not be possible.
    They give us the space for the fields, the medals, the shirts, BEER, shower marks and a slot at the WET-Stage to hold the winners ceremony.
    Especially Nick gave a lot of his rare time to organize the greatest W:O:A Soccercup ever!

    The only thing which was critizised was the field / acre.
    We are sorry for that, but it's not possible to get a better place.
    We talked to the W:O:A organizers after the cup and unfortunately that point could not be improved next year. Confused

    There are of course some things we want to improve (as every year), but please give us your feedback what we can do better (except my english Very Happy ).
    One example is, that we will prepare a special map for you to find the first-aid station better.

    We hope you had such a great time as we had and hope to see you next year again!
    I have to do some research, but I guess it will be the 10th W:O:A Soccercup!!!

    Thank you very much once more!

    Holger & Chrissy
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