Tent, no car? Can we camp?

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    19. Juni 2019
    Hi all !! My husband and I are traveling from USA. FIRST TIME TO WACKEN decided to stay at motel one hamburg for the entire stay. (Yea I know, it was horrible planning) We also booked a bus that will takes us to and forth to wacken 1-8 thru 4-8. We want to go the 30-7 show! But we have no transportation sheduled that day. So we want to get public trans to leave us at wacken. Question is, can we just walk in with a tent for us to sleep in foe that night and to have throughout the day. Can we do that Without a car? Do we get assigned a spot or are we finding it yourself? Help please!
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    11. Juli 2015
    read here
    https://www.wacken.com/en/all-information/campground/ :)

    "Camping Only: Directly at the bus station lies the area, in which only may be camped without a vehicle. By eliminating the vehicles, it is relatively quiet, the typical large music systems are barely found here."
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    Also, international Talk section: THE semi DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO WACKEN.

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